Previously, was used to sell replica Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags, wallets, watches and other goods. The website owners were ordered to surrender the domain name as a result of a civil contempt order entered against them. was a website that sold Chanel replica watches. Among the selection was a variety of replica Chanel watches in white for men and women, priced at about $109.00 USD.

The online store presented replica Chanel watches for sale with images, a short description and price.

The shopping website was not distinctive in any particular way but the most noticeable feature of the web store was the way the merchandise was presented to the potential customer. Many, if not all, of the photos of the merchandise appeared to be rendered in extremely low resolution. The images of the replica Chanel items for sale were blurred and difficult to see. The shopper could basically tell what was for sale, but much of the detail in the images was lacking. The low resolution would have made it difficult to for the customers to be sure of the actual quality being offered. Hopefully, low quality images would have been a signal to the potential buyer to question the level of the quality of the item. Replicas are not produced to the level of quality of the genuine.

This replica Chanel shopping site was a good example of what to be wary of when shopping online. Upon noticing images appearing grainy on an online shopping website, the online shopper would be smart to take heed and be especially cautious of purchasing the merchandise. Less than crisp images could be a clue that replica Chanel watches for sale may be suspect of being of substandard in quality, particularly when combined with the already disparaging fact that replicas are illegal counterfeit goods.

Counterfeit watches are of low quality and undesirable accessories to wear. Replica Chanel watches are of substandard quality. The watches are unauthorized in their production and distribution, and not associated with Chanel in any way. Anyone can imagine that the illegal fake Chanel watches could have been manufactured using metals of unascertained origin, metal pieces with rough edges, plastic with discoloration, stones without luster, clasps with no grip, and clock mechanisms without accurate time-keeping. The production and distribution of counterfeit products are solely controlled and operated by the criminal enterprises that provide the counterfeit goods online. Purchasers of replicas would have a poor possibility to know for sure what exactly was being worn on their wrist.

Replica Chanel watches are products of low quality replication and easily distinguishable from a genuine.

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